Tongsheng advantages

Quality certification 

UL certification                                                                ISO certification


R & D and design capabilities
1.Advanced design software-HXSim
This software is designed by Tongsheng and Shangai jiao tong university

2.Performance test laboratory
  Cooling capacity:3~30kW Air volume:650~7500m3/
  Refrigerant to air HX 

  Heat exchanger capacity,Air flow rate,Air flow resistance,temperature distribution,Total pressure drop,Refrigerant volume,Heat transfer coefficient
  Water to Air HX

  Heat exchanger capacity,Air flow rate,Air flow resistance,temperature distribution,  water flow rate,water resistance,Heat transfer coefficient



Complete Fin Die Data

Strict Quality Control


1.Quality control standard

Defective rate:≤1000ppm

Punching FinFins should be straight and clean,shouldnt have cleft and glitch.

Bending Tube:the tubes should be clean and full,the tube surface can't be concave .

Expanding tube:plates and fins should be fastened with tubes,plate is flat,don't have copper tube lay bare.

Welding:U-tube and header should be clean and full,no morhps,tube's surface won't be oxidzed.






Leakage testing

Water testfulling 5MPa gastesting 5 minutes

    Helium testfulling 5MPa gasLeakage rate1g/m

        Pressure test:fulling 28MPa gas for 24 hours,pressure wont change after 24H.

2.Advanced Machine




Bending tubeTubes should be clean and full,tube surface shouldnt be concave.